Look For Train Tickets USA Online And Enjoy Your Travel

What is Amtrak USA Rail Pass

In short, The USA Rail Pass is the cheapest, convenient and the most affordable way to travel to 500 destinations in the United States in the Amtrak system by train.

How does it work?

First you have to select a Pass. There are three types of Passes with different days amount to travel the entire US.


Cheapest is 15 Days with 8 segments for about $460 for adult and $230 for a child (child 2-12 years old).

Next is 30 Days (12 segments) $690/$350.

The third one is 45 Days/18 segments/$900/$450.

 You can pick up your selected Rail Passes almost in every Amtrak office around the US.

Note that the USA Rail Pass could not be used for commuter trains.

How to purchase this train tickets USA?

1.Online on Amtrak website;

2. At your local travel agency who have access to Amtrak passes.

Note. Not available for purchase in trains.

Important to know that you have to make a reservation for each train you board and pick up a ticket before jump into the train.

One more note is that prices are a subject to change until reservation is made.

If you have purchased USA Rail Pass online, it must be exchanged for a paper pass within one year and complete your travel within 180 days.

As soon as your first travel segment is reserved you have to complete it during selected days on the pass. Duration begins on the first date of the trip. Not reservation date it was made.

You need to carry valid Passport or other ID card or drivers license to prove your identity shown on the USA Rail Pass.

What means a Travel Segment?

It’s mean that one segment is action when you get on a vehicle after get off. A vehicle could be a train, bus, ferry or other. A segment length is not restricted.

For example, you travel from city A to city B and no direct train connection you have to change two trains and one bus. You would use three numbers of permitted segments.

You could upgrade your Coach class seats to Sleeping Car or business class for an extra charge.

Children Pass prices are for 50 % discount and under two years for free for one adult pass.

Note for some restrictions. The USA Rail Pass is not valid for;

1.     Auto train;

2.     Thruway bus connection (7000-7999) series;

3.     Acela Express;

4.     The Canadian portion jointly by VIA Rail Canada and Amtrak.

Travel is restricted to four one-way trips between two cities.

Generally speaking, sounds great but in fact, it depends on how flexible you are in terms of traveling.

Honestly, I like to be independent, and The USA Rail Pass rules not always fit in my habits.

It could be a money saving action when you surely know that in designated date have to travel to meet your friends in Wichita e.g.

If you want to enjoy traveling around America and not be in stress to miss a train or search a spot to pick up a ticket, this is not the best way.

To travel cheaper than last minute offers are available almost at every destination. But definitely, The USA Rail Pass system works and could be very convenient.

Have a Great Trip!

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